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Fun, Fantasy, Confusion & Catastrophe

Another musical salad from the unsinkable 391, Fun, Fantasy, Confusion & Catastrophe is inspired (somewhat obliquely) by Alfred Bester's classic science fiction novel The Stars My Destination.

It contains original compositions, a couple of re-imagined tracks from the cassette No Easy Way Out, cover versions from the repertoires of, among others, Those Poor Bastards, The Mountain Goats and Neil Young, and a suitably blood-drenched traditional ditty.



  1. Back To The Truth
  2. Give Me Drugs
  3. I'm So Happy
  4. Palmcorder Yajna
  5. How To Know God
  6. Sylvia's Mother
  7. Long Lankin
  8. Mid 50s Teenage Danceparty
  9. Powderfinger
  10. All Aboard!
  11. Velvet Chemistry
  12. You're Dead
  13. A History of Violence
  Track 2: Words & music by Wyatt G. Hellickson
Track 4: Words & music by John Darnielle
Track 6: Words & music by Shel Silverstein
Track 7: Traditional, arr. 391
Track 9: Words & Music by Neil Young
Track 12: Words & music by Norma Tanega, Norma Kutzer

All other words & music by 391

Track 4 recorded at Todhills Travelodge, Carlisle
All other tracks recorded and produced at Waterden Studios, Larbert